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Biagio Ambrosio

On June 1st, 2018, Biagio Ambrosio realized a lifelong dream and became co-owner of Spartacus Gym alongside his old friend Roy Duquette, who he first met in 1998. 

Biagio was born in San Giovanni in Fiore, a small town in the Calabria region of Southern Italy and immigrated to Canada with his family in 1980, settling in East Vancouver’s Commercial Drive — historically known as “Little Italy”. 
Being self-admittedly “a little overweight and out-of-shape” when he first moved to Canada, Biagio joined Spartacus Gym in 1986 and competed in his first and only amateur bodybuilding competition just two years later — winning top honours as a bantamweight at the Vancouver Bodybuilding Championships.  
Over the next three decades, “Mr. Vancouver” went on to found several successful businesses, cultivating a wealth of experience in the areas of building construction and renovations. 
Biagio’s primary responsibilities at Spartacus Gym include equipment maintenance/repairs and making on-going improvements to the facility, as well as managing all day-to-day operations. Since first joining Spartacus Gym in the ‘80s, Biagio has developed a deep love and appreciation for the fitness industry, facility, and its members. A true “man-of-the-people”, Biagio’s warm and genuine presence can be felt from anywhere in the gym. Always wearing a smile and a willingness to offer a helping hand, Biagio is more than eager to share his knowledge of Spartacus Gym’s equipment with any member — new or old. A true role model and inspiration to all, Biagio exemplifies a life-long commitment to self-improvement, age-defying health, and a genuine desire to help others.